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Mekanisk Keyboards

WT60 hot swap PCB

WT60 hot swap PCB

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Includes one hot-swap PCB, everything else is sold separately. These PCBs support our 60% mounting plates. Remember to choose an ANSI PCB with an ANSI plate, and ISO PCB with an ISO plate. 
Developed by Wilba and Mekanisk. 

ANSI UNIVERSAL 2023 layout 
(choose backspace, split right shift, ANSI enter, 7u or 6.25u bottom row)

ISO UNIVERSAL 2023 layout
(choose backspace, split both shifts, ISO enter, 7u or 6.25u bottom row)



This PCB supports the layout that is pictures when it is chosen. If you use this split backspace layout, we recommend going for this PCB as you will save an amount. This PCB is going out of stock and will not be available in the future. 


These hot swap PCBs support Mekanisk Fjell (without middle standoffs), Mekanisk Klippe T (without middle standoffs), and other 4-point tray mount keyboards.


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