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Firmware (VIA)
You can download firmware, and repogramming your keyboard easily by going to

Can I change my order afterwards? 
Yes, reply to your order confirmation. 

What is a pre-order?  
In a pre-order, you order the item you want, pay for it and we will produce it and ship it at an estimated date later. 

Can I get some items immediately?  
Yes, read the product description to find out if the product is "in stock", then it will ship as fast as possible, often within 1-3 days, unless something else is specified.

Why isn't everything available? 
We can not keep up with the demand, therefore, the products are usually available in pre-orders.

Why hasn't my order shipped yet? 
These are low quantity keyboard parts, often with multiple color options. It takes time to produce and ship, contact support about it after the estimated time of shipment has happened, so we can check that your order is en route. At Mekanisk we aim to hold all estimates. 

Taxes, custom charges, courier extra charges etc is always the customers responsibility. The orders are shipping from China, and it is the customers responsibility to check their local regulations.
Norwegian orders will ship from Norway, and there are no extra charges. VAT is included in the price for Norwegian customers.


Pre order items are made to order, and therefore only have an estimated delivery date. Production and fulfillment delays may occur, and will extend the estimated delivery time. In stock items have a per item estimate on the product page. 

Since all the pre order products are made to order, there are fundamentally no order cancellations per EU regulations. 

Quality Control Guarantee
All the parts have a strict quality control, both material wise and with the surface finish. Some of our designs are particularly difficult to make, and some flaws might occur on a very small percentage of production units. If these manage to slip through quality control, we need to know so we can get better. Contact support with pictures, current address and order number and we will compensate you. Color might look different from render pictures, and earlier products due to the anodizing process. 


By purchasing a pre order item or in stock item you all accept these terms. 

Order support
Please read above before you send a mail to support. General questions can be asked in our Discord (direct Discord join link). If you have a question with your order that you have placed or have received, please reply to your order confirmation email with your requests, or questions. The support mail is primarly answered on weekdays within 48 hours. If you are not able to find your order confirmation, you can click here to email us. Please include your order number if possible.