EU and UK customers, read this note in addition to the terms below.

All customers, please read the product description (all tabs) before placing the order in the cart as additional information to this page. It may contain important information on color deviation from renders and natural processes. 


The customer agree with pre-paying Mekanisk AS the full amount of the order when checking out of the store, even though delivery is in the future.

Shipping time

The seller agrees to ship the product within 30 days unless another estimate is given. Shipping time depends on the courier Mekanisk AS choose to use. 

Order cancellation

The customer has the right to cancel the order for a refund, unless the order is irreversible. Mekanisk AS decides when an order is irreversible, based on packaging, quality control and shipping status. Orders are irreversible before the customer receive their tracking number. Only a cancellation mail made less than 1 hour after order placement will warrant an order cancellation. Later cancelleation mails will be considered individually by Mekanisk AS. 


The customer has 14 days until after the arrival of the product to inspect it and and ask for a return. Return shipping is paid fully by customer.

The customer can return the order for any reason in the 14 days after arrival. The customer pays the full return shipping, and the return address will be in Norway regardless of origin. The customer can deliver the product by hand in our physical location.


Product quality and expectations

  • Oxidizing metals like brass and copper may develop/have spots on arrival. Natural metal processes are not a valid replacement.
  • Anodizing hook marks are required to color aluminium. In most cases these will be placed on the screw holes or on the lower insides of the cases to be hidden to the best of our ability. 
  • Edges on sharp designs are softened to make sure there are no edges that are too sharp. This might be different from the renders where this is not added. 

By purchasing you accept all these terms.