Mekanisk AS is a Norwegian company and follow the Norwegian Consumer Law (LOV-2002-06-21-34). These applies to all our customer all over the world to the best of our ability. 

Right of withdrawal 

You have the right of withdrawal from the purchase (cancel the order) until 14 days after the product has been delivered. Return and safe packing is paid by the buyer unless the product is physically returned to the business address in Norway by the buyer. The buyer will be offered a Mekanisk gift certificate in return, however, the buyer has the right to get a full refund via the payment method used by the buyer originally.

Delivery period

Normal orders should be sent within 30 days unless another delivery period is chosen by Mekanisk AS. It is natural for Mekanisk AS to choose another delivery period for pre orders.

Updating your order after purchase

Shipping addresses can be updated until 30 days before delivery. Deliveries to your original address are still a valid delivery place, if changed less than 30 days before shipment. Billing address can not be changed as they are tied to the invoice. 

Items can be added to an order by cancelling the order and placing a new order with the items you want to add. If the items are no longer available, you can no longer add them to your order.

Items can be removed by cancelling the order and placing a new one without the items you want to remove. If the original items are not available anymore, your order will be cancelled and you will not get the chance to place a new order with the items until they are available again.

You are free to place any number of separate orders, however you will not get the shipping cost refunded, even if Mekanisk AS decide to ship them together (given the same shipping address).

After receiving

If you have any issues with the order that you mean would require a repair or replacement, feedback must be given within 14 days of delivery. Preferable immediately. Feedback given after this point of time will be invalidated. 

DAP and delivery

All our orders are shipped on the DAP incoterm unless another incoterm is specified. The customer is responsible for import costs, storage costs and other import costs. We are responsible for the package until it is signed for by the customer, unless the package has been returned due to unpaid duties on import.