Privacy Policy

We save the following information: All personal information used to send out orders, this include: Name, address, phone number and email. We use this information to send out orders or contact if there are info we need regarding the order. 

This info will be sent to our fulfillment partners, the info will be stored until the entire "round" of orders are sent, then it will be automatically deleted. Our fullfillment partner is located in Shenzhen, China. You can choose to delete this info at any time.

Your order info will still be available in Shopify unless you choose to delete it yourself. Only Mekanisk employees have access to the Shopify data, which today is 2 persons. 

By ordering through, you comply to letting us use the information to this purpose, and this purpose only. We use a GDPR-compliant sale system by Shopify, and information regarding payments through Stripe are handled by their respective privacy policy, which today is also GDPR-compliant.

Per the GDPR, you can request to have this info removed or updated at any time. Please contact support to have your info edited or removed at any time.