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60% Mounting Plate

60% Mounting Plate

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Next-generation plates by Mekanisk. Limited layouts for more stability, better sound, and better aesthetics. The aluminum plate will be anodized grey. Supports all our 60% solder and hot swap layouts. It is also compatible with third party offerings, please make sure to check the layout first. 

The layout is likely to be bottlenecked by the PCB you choose, remember to check the layout of the PCB before placing the order. If you choose a hot swap PCB, remember to choose an ANSI PCB with an ANSI plate and ISO PCB with an ISO plate.

A few spots on the brass plates, and anodising hook marks on the aluminium plates must be expected. These things will not be visible when the keyboard is built. Brass wil tarnish over time in contact with oxygen.

Packaged in a flat cardboard box to protect the plate during shipping. If bought in a bundle or kit, it will be packaged inside the shipping box. 

Renders are here to show you the layout and approx. color to expect. The renders will not show natural marks in the materials that will be present on the final product, and the colors might be slightly different. 

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