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Mekanisk 60% Dampening Foam

Mekanisk 60% Dampening Foam

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 General info

1 pack = 2x foam pieces

  • For all Mekanisk tray mount keyboards (Fjell, Klippe T...)
  • Most other 60%-keyboards

Made from high-quality medium-high density EVA foam, is made to reduce rattles, contain the sound and create a better typing experience. It fits Mekanisk and other brand tray mount cases, however, minor adjustments are expected to be made by the customer for certain configurations. Each layer of foam is 2mm thick.

For Mekanisk boards in normal configurations, it is recommended to have two pieces ( 2x 2mm ). Other boards or certain PCBs might only be compatible/need one layer. 


Use only one layer if you prefer a more flexible typing experience or use a hot-swap PCB. Never screw in the keyboard assembly if you feel resistance in the foam. Remove one layer and try again. 



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