Here are all the files that are currently released by Mekanisk for download. 

  • Non-commercial: These files may only be used for personal, non-commercial purposes, unless express, written permission has been granted by Mekanisk. Group Buys are considered as commercial.
  • Modifications: You may modify these files as you wish for your personal use, but you may not use them as the foundation for a commercial project. 
  • No warranty provided: Mekanisk provides no warranty for these files. You agree to take full responsibility for their use.

Plate files

Tind Series I (60 percent) ISO (STEP) 

Tind Series I (60 percent) ANSI (STEP) 


Klippe S plate: ANSI layout (STEP)

Klippe S plate: ISO layout (STEP)


Render files 

These files are to be used as render files only. They are not suitable for production. Dimensions, radiuses, placements may not be correct.

Ultramarine: Pantone 3035C
All others should be interpreted from shipped products or sample pictures.


Fjell R4 - render file (STEP)

Klippe T

Klippe T R3 - render file (STEP)