Norwegian Nature meets mechanical engineering


Heading away from established design patterns to create a blend of mechanical engineering and Norwegian nature.


In early 2015, under the name LeandreN, I ran group buys for keyboard parts, like laser cut plates. I focused on quick fulfilment while maintaining good quality. These group buys became increasingly popular, to the point where I had to limit how many orders I could take. I got recognition in the community for running efficient and high quality group buys. Instead of writing some pretentious text regarding Mekanisk, I recommend reading the group buy threads with customer feedback.

Group buy threads

LeandreN Round 1

LeandreN Round 2

LeandreN Round 3

LeandreN Round 4

LeandreN Round 5

Everything else was ran through this website. 


After round 5, me and a friend sat down in Fusion 360 to design a 60% keyboard case in aluminium. At this time, there were just the FMJ 60% case and the hammer 60% as high end option on the market. In addition to the TEX low profile cases. You can read more about how the Fjell case came to be here. We ultimately ended up creating the heaviest 60% case, and the first keyboard case with beveled edges. 

The first group buy for Fjell was in 2017. This group buy was hard to do, and required so many prototypes to work properly. The weight design, which is still found on the newest Fjell cases, has never been done in the keyboard community and requires an extreme amount of machining time and precision. I recommend reading the group buy thread below.


Mekanisk Fjell Round 1

How the Fjell was designed

Round 1

2017 quality control video

Round 1

2017 Promotional video