Thank you for a great 2019 !

Thank you for a great 2019 !

2019 is coming to an end, and it has been the best year yet for the mechanical keyboard hobby. This also reflects in the interest in Mekanisk products which have never been higher, which has resulted in the best year for Mekanisk ever. 

We started of the year with shipping the Fjell R3 cases, this does seem ages ago, because so much has happened since then. The cases where received with great feedback for Mekanisk. Between January-March 2019, I used some time to restructure the business so products would get more accessible, you would have faster support and that the products ship in a reasonable time. 

Spring 2019, we ran the updated design Klippe, called the Klippe 2019 (now referenced as R2). Having our signature mountain on the back of the case proved to be a great way to turn a simple plain 60% to something cooler. This case was just $120 as a result of the before-mentioned business restructuring. Every Klippe 2019 was shipped before the time estimate.

Summer 2019 was awesome for Mekanisk. We ran the largest group buy we had ever done. The Fjell R4 was extremely popular and I got so many more orders than anticipated, but I had faith in quality control and fulfillment. Every single Fjell R4 case was shipped within the time estimate. With this case we introduced removable middle stand points, which later carried over to the Klippe R3. Which ran shortly afterwards. Every Klippe R3 shipped within the time estimate as well.  

Fall 2019 was something all new for Mekanisk. Running the Klippe S, a bottom mount, great sounding and reasonably priced keyboard kit. We also allowed people to order the experimental tray mount "Type X". A great interest was shown in these products. This also made Mekanisk reach it goal of releasing a non-tray mount board in 2019, and after the success of this group buy, I can tell you that there will be more in 2020. This also marked the launch of our "Typing Experience" series that will go out of the standard Mekanisk design language to offer different typing experiences. In the fall, I also attended the Norway Mechanical Keyboard meetup, this was great.

Thank you so much to our customers, and everyone else in the community that has supported Mekanisk in 2019. We have so many ideas lined up for 2020, we will start early next year. Stay tuned!

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