Product Name Changes

At Mekanisk, we have had Norwegian naming of our designs. Fjell means mountain and Klippe means cliff. These names are good representations for each of the designs, and this will continue. A mountain with sharp edges, heavy weight and a simpler design with cliff slopes, it makes sense. This naming convention is continuing.
Fjell was described as Fjell Classic, after Fjell Pro was announced. Fjell Classic will now remove the Classic bit from its name. It's the Fjell we all love and know. 
Fjell Pro is now officially named:
,it means:
"(tall and) sharp mountain top"
First of all, while designing Tind, after so many revisions, and a prototype,  I decided this is an entirely different keyboard than Fjell.
Mekanisk now have the designs: Klippe, Fjell and Tind announced. We will continue to explain that the Tind is what was before called Fjell Pro. Other reason for the name change is that Mekanisk have multiple new designs, ready for announcement in 2019, and naming is important to seperate products. Things are coming, stay tuned.
Teaser image of Tind