October Update

Fjell R4
All Fjell R4 orders are packed up and will ship within this week & monday next week. If you haven't got your tracking number, be ready for a message from DHL/UPS or similar express courier or a spontaneous delivery.

Extra cases and parts will be shipped as soon as everything with Fjell R4 is done shipping.

Klippe R3
Everything except cases are done. The cases are in machining now. Expected to start shipping properly in the end of October, however some of the orders might go out before that. Everything will be shipped within November, as scheduled. We have a pleasant surprise for Americans looking to buy a Klippe R3 later this fall. 

Klippe S
Production sample is ordered, this will be the same as the production unit. We will have Klippe S for sale in November, limited to around 50. These will ship already in December(will be produced in November before "pre order"), this means that colors and plate and options might be limited. This is just for the first round.