May #2 - Fjell R5 and Klippe T R4 production

May #2 - Fjell R5 and Klippe T R4 production


First of all, you can go to to see the updated status of all our ongoing pre orders. I recommend bookmarking this site for a quick look at the status. You can also compare our products here.

Fjell R5 and Klippe T R4
Every single order is counted, and vendors have placed their orders. This means that we are ready to start production when the production samples are here. These are expected to arrive on friday. Production is expected to take 70 days, and shipping start should be August. Some orders must be expected to be shipped in September, simple due to the massive quantity of orders we got this round. Changes to the orders themselves have been closed for a while now, as the production order is placed.

Klippe S and Type X extras
Going live 30.05.2020 - as mentioned there are only a few available(around 10), these will be gone fast, and there is a narrow chance to grab one this time. If you don't get one, there will be more chances in the future. 

GMK moomins(keyset)
This set has been worked on since summer 2019. 
I am going to be the Norwegian vendor for it.

Support mails
Support mails currently have a 3 day response time due to the quantity of requests.



Keyboard in the picture is the Tind.



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