May #1 - Finishing up Klippe S and Type X

May #1 - Finishing up Klippe S and Type X


First of all, you can go to to see the updated status of all our ongoing pre orders. I recommend bookmarking this site for a quick look at the status. You can also compare our products here.

Klippe S and Type X
All Type X orders are out, have you not received your tracking yet, you will receive it shortly. Klippe S orders have less than 10% of orders left to ship from Mekanisk Manufacturing Shenzhen, these are orders that will be shipped within the end of this week. All tracking numbers should be sent out within early next week. Please keep in mind that orders might take a while to be picked up after you have received your tracking number. This is due to the demand of express shipping out of China, and is nothing we can control.

Norwegian orders
After being stuck in pre shipping for over a week, it seems like the Norwegian orders should arrive in Norway on monday next week (11.05.20). All Norwegian orders will shipped out the monday they arrive here. Thanks for your patience.


There will be a very few extra sets available when all the other orders have shipped. We will also try to have a small stock for extra parts to support the Klippe S moving forward. What do you want to see? Extra plates in different materials? etc. Let me know. 


Mekanisk stabilisers

The factory was waiting for some crucial parts that were needed to continue sample production. This has delayed the sale of stabilisers severely. It does seem like these parts arrived this week, and that we can begin sales next week. This is when we will respond to support requests regarding adding Mekanisk stabilisers. Please do keep in mind that we have no date for this, and that it might be delayed further. 


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