March #2 - Fjell R5?


Thanks for tuning in for yet another update.

Good products take years to develop, and the Tind is no exception. Due to the Covid-19 virus outbreak, prototyping has been severely delayed. Prototyping is a time consuming, expensive part of product design. Tind has parts that we require multiple third party manufacturers for, since Mekanisk Manufacturing Shenzhen is a specialized and rather small factory. We are closing in on a solution to this challenging design, and will release more details as we go along. I am very happy with the current design. Tind has no published release date, as there are too many factors that can cause further delays.

First batch of Klippe S and Type X will be anodized 20.03. When Klippe S and Type X are done, which they’ll be in April if everything goes after the plan, all manufacturing lines will be open. 

We are therefore, at no cost of further delays of other products, considering opening for 2020s Fjell R5 orders(pushing it forward in the queue). This is a highly requested product with some minor improvements over the R4. At the same time, we are considering those that are not willing to pay for a Fjell, by opening the orders for the Klippe T R4 at the same time. Klippe T R4 will have improvements as well. 

We are using this week to prepare, and will come back with more information regarding when. It won't happen the next few days, look at this as a heads up to prepare for the launch. 


Thank you for reading. 


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  • LeandreN

    Yes. Minor details will be described later. These boards are enhanced tray mounts and are designed as such. If you want another mounting method, you can wait for the Klippe S, Tind or any future board from Mekanisk

  • Zach

    Do you plan to update from tray mount? I love the overall look just would pref a better mounting board

  • Victor

    Hyped for the Fjell r5. Will these minor details be discussed later on?

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