March #1 update

March #1 update

Hello! Thank you for your patience. 

UK meetup
I am going to the UK / London meetup 28.03.2020.
Join me, you can buy tickets here.

Store PCB only orders (December 2019 - now)
Shipping! Please give it a few weeks to get everything to be shipped. If you order now, it will ship right after these. You can order a WT60-D here

Klippe S & Type X
Production is underway, all the isolation layers for the Klippe S is finished and we are machining cases. We suspect that the keyboards will start shipping in April, if there are no further delays. We always treat issues like Covid-19 with number one priority, so if there are any further spread, there might be more delays. 

Further product development
We have made some very good progress on further designs, mainly the Tind. Can't wait to show you the final product. Fjell R5 is soon ready to be run, however there is some desicion making that has to be made because there are other designs that were planned before Fjell R5. Please let me know if there is interest for it!
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