Klippe R3

Klippe R3

Hello and welcome to Klippe R3, the best Klippe pre-order so far.

The kit for the keyboard is just $199, or just the case for $120, which have been a Mekanisk vision since the case first was announced over two years ago. You can configure the keyboard exactly to your liking, not only are there 4 beautiful colors to choose from, you can choose between polycarb, brass or aluminium plates. In addition, the WT60-D PCB is included in the kit. A VIA compatible, beautiful, high quality PCB. 


The Klippe design have changed quite a bit, not only is the USB hole better for USB-C PCBs, there are two removeable Mounting Points that are especially good if you use a normally incompatible hot swap PCB, now you have the option to use that aswell. The logo for the case is removed and replaced with a Mountain detail, and there have been minor adjustments all over to give you an even better typing experience. 

Hope you appericate the price, and the value you get for this kit, and thank you for all the orders I have gotten so far, there is going to be a lot of people getting their Klippe!

Check it out!


Thank you! LeandreN 

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