June #3 - Tind Series I Raffle announcement

Tind Series I raffle goes live Friday 03.07.2020, 18:00, Norwegian time. 

For more time zones, click here.


  • The raffle will stay open for 4 hours. 
  • The raffle has 100 winners. 
  • Winners will be drawn within a few days. 
  • 10 raffle losers will receive a $10 gift card on Mekanisk. 
  • Attempts to cheat the system might get you SHADOW BANNED from this and future Mekanisk raffles. We reserve the right to refuse service to people who break our rules.
  • One entry per human
  • Enter this raffle for yourself, and not on behalf of anyone else
  • Enter this raffle with intent to pay for the product when the raffle ends
  • Take your time with the order form, you have enough time.
  • We will not ask for shipping address or order configuration if you do not win the raffle. 
  • Shipping from Shenzhen, China or Oslo, Norway. Will be declared at full value.


Starting at $400 with upgrades available. Shipping will range from $40 to $60 in most cases, but might change depending on location. 
Full pricing breakdown and more pictures available 24 hours before raffle opening. You will know exactly what you get for the price before the raffle opens.

Read more:
Product page.

These are the first renders of the Tind "cornerstone". This is not a weight, but a emblem with the serial number. 



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  • ola

    oppa raffle style

  • keyboardkrill

    lol, when you think you missed the raffle on March 3rd, but then you realize the date is internationally formatted, and then you feel guilty for being raised on another stupid american standard.

  • Sergio

    I’m new on this keedworld, so I don’t know if I entry the raffle for my wife and I (same IP) will be considered a cheat.
    Can you tell me if I can join the raffle for both or just me?
    Thank you!

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