June #1 - Ultramarine Stabilisers, giveaway and keyboard updates

June #1 - Ultramarine Stabilisers, giveaway and keyboard updates

Hello! Please remember that you can always check production status on MEKANISK.XYZ.

Here is the link for the giveaway of a Klippe S Ultramarine keyboard kit (Gleam).
Do I need to say more? 

Klippe T R4 and Fjell R5
As of last week, these keyboards are officially in production. We are machining in batches, then anodizing and quality controlling each batch. Estimated start of shipment for these cases are still unchanged, August 2020. These cases use the new Mekanisk Viewfinder Bumpons. These are custom moulded, and will isolate and grip better than the bumpons we used earlier.

Klippe T R4 will be in limited stock with the vendors 1upkeyboards.com(USA), MyKeyboard.eu(EU) around July/August. This includes the new Mekanisk Viewfinder Bumpons(unlimited stock).

In addition, there will be extras available from Mekanisk Manufacturing Shenzhen, and Norway later. The Fjell R5 extras will be available here as well. 


 Fjell R5 Limited Edition (Rose Gold)

Mekanisk red color used in Klippe T R4 and Fjell R5



Prototype is very good. I am super happy with the results in terms of typing feel and sound. We will run a final production prototype. In addition, in Mekanisk style, adding the weight in the last prototype.

I initially said late June for the raffle, which may be, but whatever date I decide to run the raffle, the shipping date is still November 2020.

So I hope it is okay for folks with a little bit of flexibility on the raffle date as long as it is announced in advance, and that I can gurantee a delivery in November 2020 no matter when the purchase itself will happen.

Please visit the Geekhack thread and leave a comment on your thoughts so far! 


Mekanisk Ultramarine Stabilisers
After delays we finally have them in our warehouse in Shenzhen, China. These will start shipping next week. Shipping cost is $25 via DHL, however we are looking into  using EMS as a cost reducing measure. If there new freight options become available, we will make an announcement in our Discord. Around 200 sets are on the way to Norway for sales inside Norway. 

Klippe S and Type X extras
All sold and all shipped. Extra plates for Klippe S are estimated to be available in July. 


Thank you for reading!

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