Mekanisk July Updates

Mekanisk July Updates

New Designs 

Klippe S
Sandwich mount 60 percent board with a Mekanisk semi isolation mount. With a planned starting price of $200, with focus on availability, affordability and clean design. Coming later in 2019. 


60 percent tray mount case with a new and exciting mounting solution, and a new rounded design never before seen from Mekanisk. Will run first as a small Beta-run, and see if there is enough interest for more later. Coming later in 2019. 


Fjell Round 4 Production

Production is going as scheduled. The cases are in production and therefore material is ordered. There have never before been produced this many Fjell cases, so the machining time will take a good while. The first production unit is actually ready and will be shipped to someone that will thoroughly test the unit by building a keyboard and testing PCBs with it, you will probably be able to see it live( ;) ). This all happens while the other cases are in production. The packaging is complete, and looks awesome, it is the most advanced Mekanisk packaging ever made, made to ship complete keyboard kits safely, keyboard storage and second hand freight. 


The Mekanisk x collaboration samples are done and are now for testing. The PCBs look absolutely stunning, and will provide people with a whole new typing experience if you go plateless. The quality and sturdiness of this PCB is so nice, and I can't wait for you all to test them. There will be extra PCBs for sale later. 

Klippe rev.3 pre-launch

This week, we had a batch of early Klippe R3 cases that were ready for immediate shipment to customers. These were all sold out very fast, thank you so much for your interest. The rev.3 design feature changes like the removeable center and space Mounting Points, better USB C compability, and new colors. This is a pre launch of the pre-order that will be available later this year. The cases are now being packed up and will start shipping next week. 
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