July #1 - Tind Series I Summary, production updates and shipping updates

July #1 - Tind Series I Summary, production updates and shipping updates


More affordable shipping for smaller packages
A lot of you have asked for this, and we have been working on quoting better prices. We have officially made EMS an option for Mekanisk.com. We have also reduced DHL prices to a lot of locations. Here are some EMS prices.

Small packages to the US: $16
Small packages to the EU: $15
Small packages to the AU: $14

Fjell R5 and Klippe T R4
Production is going as planned. Please check Mekanisk.xyz for live status updates. This website is also a good way to check the status of other Mekanisk production runs. I recommend bookmarking this website. 

Tind Series I
Tind Series I will go into production soon as all the participants have paid. I did post a little update on the plates, and recommended a carbon fiber plate as the safest plate for Tind sound wise. The copper plates did produce some light pinging, especially with unlubed switches. This most likely due to the Mekanisk Isolation System using silicone rather than a more dampening material. This is to pronounce a bounce in the plate to create a unique and great, softer typing experience. You can reply to your order confirmation to have your plate changed, and we will respond next week.

65% Ultramarine and 35% dark gray.

Support and invoicing
We have updated our invoicing program, please give us some more time on support. There are now new rules we have to follow regarding updating orders (we can no longer just edit orders). Please note that your support ticket will most likely need a couple more days to get answered due to this. Upside is that you will now get a new, more straightforwardly invoice. This makes it easier for businesses to purchase and expense items from Mekanisk.


In general, please check Mekanisk.xyz for live status updates.




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