How the Fjell Round 4 sale will work

How the Fjell Round 4 sale will work

I recommend all of you to read the info page, before you read this. 

Mekanisk Pre-order
A Mekanisk Pre-order is described on the link mentioned above, and have special terms that are important to read. I have been quite back and forth with the terms of the The Fjell Round 4 Pre-order, however, what is stated here is what counts. 


Interval length of 24 hours
The Pre-order / sale will use an interval length of 24 hours. The product can be made unavailable every 24 hours. This means that we can take "unlimited" orders within the first 24 hours, to make sure everyone gets a chance. If there is a new 24 hours, I have to take unlimited orders until those 24 hours have passed. Every 24 hours, Mekanisk will make a decision based on order numbers, it will not be disclosed whether the sale continues another 24 hours. There will be a timer live on I do recommend to order before the last 5 minutes of the timer.


How to order
On the Fjell kit page, you can configure one Fjell Kit with or without a PCB(electronics), plate, and it already includes mounting points. You also choose a color. You can order multiple kits.

How to order extra parts / only parts
If you want extras, you need to navigate to the Fjell Keyboard page. Here you can order extra PCBs, plates and mounting points. Plates are reduced from $40 to $26 per plate per Fjell kit in the cart. You can order multiple extra parts. 


Credit card, debit card or Apple Pay only. Payment will be drawn immediately. We use the secure and recognized Stripe payment platform.


Shipping date
September - October, terms apply. 



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