Fjell Round 4 Production Updates


The Fjell R4 is in full production. Around half of the cases have been machined, and the brass plates are being cut. Since this is the largest pre-order yet, it is important us to be patient with the production process, and take it slowly so the we can deliver the highest quality product we have delivered so far.

The WT60-D is still being tested, and has not started production yet. We aim to start the production in ca. 1 week. 

Order changes
As the cases are in production, and anodizing has started, I hope you all can understand that it is obvious that we can not do any color changes now. You have had 46 days to decide, which we feel is a fair amount of time. 

Nathan Kim(Taeha Types) did an unboxing of an early R4-unit that was sent to him, please watch under, if you are interested. 


Thank you for reading, and we still have the estimates September-October for shipments to be sent, however, as stated in the buyers agreement, this could change as well. 


  • ARtur

    I’m willing to buy a board if anyone backs out. Thanks

  • LeandreN

    Extras will be announced here, on this blog.

  • Josh

    Same here! If there happen to be any extras, then I’m willing to buy it!

  • Brian J Bercegeay

    If you have any preorders back out or any extra board available, I am DEFINITELY interested in a Fjell.

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