Fjell Round 4 launching in June

Fjell Round 4 launching in June

(photo by Nathan Kim / Taeha Types)

The Fjell Classic is returning for Round 4, the most exciting round so far. We have all seen the fantastic typing test by Nathan Kim for the Fjell Classic. This time around we have updates to announce. 


The new price is $300 for the kit. The kit consist of a Fjell Case and a brass plate. This means that compared to earlier rounds, you get a plate for free. Extra plates will cost $25.

Shipping It is expensive to send such a heavy case around the world no matter how you look at it, this time we will try to offer some different shipping services.

Design changes from R2/R3

You will be able to completely remove the spacebar and middle mounting points. This is to ensure compability with hotswap PCBs, and for those that prefer a more flexible typing experience. The inserts will be made in brass or titanium, depending on results from factory testing.

Other design updates: 
slight mounting changes
slight USB hole changes

Colors will be announced at launch, go visit the Geehack thread and you can vote. 

Launch date
In June with around 100 units. The pre order window will be open for at least 1 week. 


Useful resources

Geekhack thread

Product page

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