Fjell Round 4 Conclusion

Fjell Round 4 Conclusion

11am Norwegian time on Tuesday 25th June 2019, the Fjell Round 4 was available for pre-order. Within fifteen minutes, 100 cases was sold. Within 30 minutes, more Fjell cases was sold than has ever been sold by Mekanisk before, in total. It was closed after 24 hours. 

This is mostly due to Mekanisk leaving the ports open for more people than ever before. However, with with the improvements of round 4, better marketing, better shipping prices and PCB available, this was a no brainer for many. Thank you all for your support, I am extremely grateful!



Grey has always been the most popular color, so no major surprises here. Ultramarine clocking in at a solid second place. I do believe Taeha Types first video have influenced the color choices a slightly, and that we had seen more silver and ultramarine. 

For the Grey, we are aiming at getting it to a similar color to the pictures below, which is the grey used in round 1.  Remember that grey colors look different under different lights. 

Total sale numbers
Total sale numbers are not available as of now. 

Production guide
Production guide is already written and sent to manufacturer. There are no changing colors now. 

Anodizing samples
Anodizing samples will be produced within 14 days, so Mekanisk can confirm the colors before production. 

Estimated completion
September - October 2019
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