Fjell R5 and Klippe T R4 Report

Fjell R5 and Klippe T R4 Report


Thank you all for the huge interest in the Fjell and the Klippe.This is our largest pre order yet, and I am so grateful for all the orders that we have gotten so far. Thank you for your support!

First of all, Fjell R5 is available here for a couple more hours.


The Fjell R5 color distribution

Klippe T R4 color distribution 

Fjell R5 Limited Edition
With a Rose Gold anodizing and Rose Gold PVD weight, this case was extremely popular and sold out within 20 seconds(or less). I realize it is hard to make FCFS fair, and we will think about other methods to offer limited editions in the future. 

Klippe T R4 Polycarbonate
A good amount opted for this board. I can't wait for all of you to try the product when it ships. I think you all will love the sound and feel!
Shipping dates and quantities
Due to the large amount of orders, the shipment is more likely to to take place in August than in July. We will update the shipping estimates to reflect this.


 Thank you!

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