First update of 2020: future products and production delays due to Wuhan coronavirus outbreak


Mekanisk Manufacturing Shenzhen and partners are currently closed due to the viral outbreak in China. It is clearly communicated that health is the number one priority and much more important than production on time ever will be. Production delays are expected in such cases. We wish all the best to our manufacturing partner and everyone else affected by the virus. 

Delays are expected for production of Klippe S, Type X and other parts. Shipping delays are also expected for all products bought on Production and shipment may continue after the 10th of February, but due to uncertainty, there is no confirmation that the shipping and production will resume at this date. We will keep all of you updated, weekly from the 10th of February. Updates will be posted on this blog.

Support requests

We are still handling support requests. Please respond to your order confirmation to contact us regarding your order. It might take a little while for us to get back to you.


Future products

Tind R1
Tind is ready for production prototype. Currently updated with new moulded gaskets, and a daughter board. The PCB will be produced by Wilba, and feature a USB C daughter board, similar to the ones seen on Keycult boards.

"Klippe S LXV" R1
Will now feature multiple design updates. Awaiting name change as well. The files for the first prototype will be ready within 30 days. We have the WT65-Ds on hand, and they look and work amazing. Thanks to Wilba for his work on these.

Klippe R4
Vendors in 2020


Fjell R5
No updates


Thank you for your patience!