FAQ: How will Fjell R5 pre-order work?

FAQ: How will Fjell R5 pre-order work?

Hello. Here I will explain how you can get a Fjell R5, and what is included.

Fjell R5 will be launched at an pre-announced date, which is not ready to be published now, however it will be published in advance so you know exactly when the pre-order opens. It will be announed here, but also in our Discord and our Instagram


Will I be able to get one?
The window to buy one will stay open for a minimum of 24 hours from the start of the pre-order. If you buy within this time frame, you will get one.  When the window is over (24 hours has passed), we can extend it by another 24 hours, or close the pre-order. We are aiming at getting atleast 48 hours in Fjell R5, however we can only promise 24 hours. 


How will Covid-19 impact this pre order?
While our operations are run from Norway (which is heavily affected), we are able to cooperate unaffected with our partners at Mekanisk Manufacturing Shenzhen (China). We have discussed thoroughly with them, and we have together decided that it is safe to start working again, and that there should be few or no further delays on their side. Health is always the most important thing for us and our partners, and will continute to be the most important thing. We wish the best for every place in the world during this pandemic, and hope that it will get under control as soon as possible. 


How much will it cost?
The base cost of the case is $290. You can get a plate added for +$10. You can add a PCB (WT60-D) for +$60. Total kit price is then $360.


Any color availability info, limited editions, changes?
There will be a limited edition Fjell this round. 

We are aiming at these colors: e-white, black, silver, R1 grey, ultramarine and red. 

There might be some minor changes to the keyboard over the R4. These will be announced later.


When will it be delivered? 
The keyboard kits will start to ship around 3 months after the pre-order close. Delays may occour. 


The kits are shipped from Shenzhen, China. Your tracking might say Hong Kong, Singapore or similar, as we use different shipping partners for different places in the world. For Norwegian customers: these are shipping from Norway via Norgespakke. All customers are responsible for local taxes and import costs.

What do I need to finish the kit?
1. Keyswitches (Gateron, Zealios, Cherry MX, Kailh ++)
2. Keyboard stabilisers (GMK screw in stabilisers ++)
3. Keycaps (GMK, SP, EnjoyPBT ++)
4. USB-C cable


What do you need to build the kit?
Soldering iron and solder
Philips head screwdriver for M2 screws

Have any more questions?
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