April #3 - General updates

April #3 - General updates

Klippe S and Type X
80% shipped. 
Shipping is very slow at the moment, and it can take days before your package is registered as picked up. Freight couriers have a limit of how many packages we can send, which our fulfillment have now exceeded. We have different shipping options available, so we will use those to ship what we can. These forwarders are a little slower, but the only available shipping option at the moment. We will try to use DHL to the best of our ability for these forwards as well. This means a few order will ship in May, against our original estimate to get all orders out in April. 

Tind is still in prototyping, we have multiple suppliers to work with, so it will take a few more weeks to get the samples ready. The new Tind design will be announced at the same time as we will have a Mekanisk 5 year anniversiary with some additional exciting news. The Tind design will open new posibilites for future designs.

Fjell R5 and Klippe T R4
We are counting orders and deciding on extras that we need to order, when this is done, the production order will be placed. 

Mekanisk stabilisers
We are still waiting for the production samples, no new updates here. They will be available for pre order later, and can be added to your order. 

Thanks for reading, and thanks for your patience.

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