April #2 - Mekanisk moving forward

April #2 - Mekanisk moving forward


Klippe S & Type X
Klippe S and Type X are close to shipping now. We will slowly quality control every single case, we will test-assemble every single Klippe S keyboard. Packaging is in, it looks great and we can't wait for people to share the unboxings. All Klippe S cases are done in the anodizing bath, and Type X will be done within monday. 

Images are not representative of the final product due to the quality. We will get better shots in a few weeks! Remember to share your pictures aswell, so I can see them!


I want make a quick few announcements:

- The mounting is updated from what you have seen in the earlier samples. The mounting methods you have seen are no longer representative. 

- There are design updates from earlier renders and prototypes, but will maintain the edges from the Fjell case. No visible seams.

- It will use silicone gaskets in a way no one has done before.

- It will be available in solder only, and will not support hot swap PCBs. The - --keyboard will have a daughterboard and flush USB-C port centered. 

- The production prototype order is placed, and we are waiting for multiple suppliers to confirm their respective part orders.

- The first pre order for this keyboard will be limited. 

We are closer than ever on release, however I ask for your patience, I get daily questions about this design. I will not give any estimated dates, as I don't know how the prototype will turn out, or when suppliers are available. 


Mekanisk stabilisers
We are waiting for color samples. I want to reveal that the stabilisers are Ultramarine in color, with a transparent housing and opaque stem. They will be available for pre order soon. After the pre order ships, we will stock them in store. 


We will be placing a large order soon (for Klippe, Fjell and in stock). We are short on the PCBs due to the Klippe S & Type X orders that are shipping now. They have the priority regarding the PCBs. For that reason, the current shipping date for the PCBs, is August 2020.


Thank you for your support! I always appericate if you tag me on Instragram (@MekaniskCo), Twitter(@MekaniskCo) or Reddit(/u/LeandreN). It always makes me happy to see the products fully built and used. 




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