April #1 - State of all orders

April #1 - State of all orders

Plate and PCB only orders
Plate and PCB orders that have not yet shipped, and was ordered before 25th of March (not ordered with Fjell R5 and Klippe T R4) are set all be shipped out next week. We are waiting for the PCB packagaing. There are delays in shipments, so expect the travel time for the package to be more than you are used to.

Orders for plate and PCB ordered at the same time as Fjell R5 and Klippe T R4, will not ship now.

Klippe S & Type X
Cases are still in quality control, and only a one of the colors are anodized. There were some delays for the tools and packaging, so please expect some delays before shipments starts. 

Aluminium plates for Klippe S & Type X


Fjell R5 and Klippe T R4
While Fjell R5 is closed, Klippe T R4 is open until 20th of April. We are still getting a good amount of orders daily, which we really appericate these times. We have ordered samples for both keyboards. Estimated shipping for both are August 2020.

Mekanisk stabilisers
Mekanisk stabilisers are set to be available for pre order in around 1 week. These are custom ordered stabilisers.

Expect more delays, and take care of yourself and your familiy! These are difficult times. We will keep you updated here and in our Discord, and will be completely transparent when it comes to shipping dates and delays.


Thank you.

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