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Tind Series I

Tind Series I

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Sale type: limited raffle (100 random buyers)

Series I
Colors: Ultramarine, Dark Gray
Cornerstone: Exposed Copper
Plate materials:  Brass, Copper, Carbon Fiber
Layouts: ANSI, ISO
Units: 100


NOTE (this edited after the ordering period): Tind Series I has an exposed copper weight. It will show oxidation marks and age over time. This is a design choice and not a defect. 


(The PCB that is included, is not the one pictured)

Read the release paper here.

Visit the Geekhack thread.

Specifications and features:

  • 60% keyboard
  • 8 degree typing angle
  • Heavily chamfered edges with refined design
  • Low profile front height
  • Full gasket isolation mount and seamless design
  • New plate designs with mild relief cuts
  • Custom molded silicone pieces for the top, bottom and under.
  • USB-C Wilba PCB with a centered daughterboard (no relief cuts)
  • VIA compatible PCB
  • Each keyboard is serial numbered



Tind top piece (Ultramarine / Dark grey)

Tind bottom piece (Ultramarine / Dark grey)

12x Custom Molded Mekanisk Gasket System bottom gaskets

12x Mekanisk Silicone Gasket System top gaskets

4x Custom Molded Mekanisk Viewfinder Silicone Bumpons

Mekanisk Gasket Plate in sandblasted brass / sandblasted copper (+$35) / carbon fiber (+$25) with ISO or ANSI layout support

WT60-G PCB with an USB-C daughterboard

All necessary screws and tools for assembly

Mekanisk Isolation System
This system isolate the plate completely from the rest of the case. This system does not add flex, if that is something you want, that is done by choosing a flexier plate. The hardness of the silicone isolation units are 60HA.


Custom EVA foam, double cardboard shipping box.

Shipping November 2020. 

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