Klippe T R4 Keyboard Kit (Polycarbonate)
Klippe T R4 Keyboard Kit (Polycarbonate)

Klippe T R4 Keyboard Kit (Polycarbonate)

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Estimated shipping: starting August 2020

Renders are not representative of a final product. Polycarbonate will appear lighter or darker depending on lighting conditions. All the screw points will have metal threads. 

This keyboard kit will also come with two removable brass mounting points, just like the Klippe T R4 Alumunium. 

Klippe is one of the best high end affordable keyboard kits on the market. With the most improved tray mount screw placement, machined stabilising points, PCB compability, fine tuned since 2017 for each revision, and originally based on the Fjell mounting. Many people say the Klippe and Fjell sound so great, and so different from other tray mount cases. 

Now, for the first time, available as a kit ($189) & you only need to add:


 Standalone price is $110.

(this blue is not available this round) 


Extra parts
Add extra parts by going here. You can add PCBs, plates and mounting points. 

Design revision
Klippe rev. 3 

Mounting type
Tray mounted (build the keyboard, then insert it into the case with 4-6 screws)

If you choose to mount with 4 screws, it is recommended that you use a softer plate material like PC or aluminium to, as plateless builds can amplify the metal sound. 

Made for 60% keyboards with standard poker-style screw placement. 5

Klippe has the same fitment as the applauded Fjell case. It provides a unique, and fantastic typing experience. Listening to customer feedback is the best, and most effective way to improve a product.

Updates from the second design rev. 3 to rev.4):

  • Slightly lower height. Logo indent is smaller. 
  • Logo inside the case added.





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