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Klippe T (60%)

Klippe T (60%)

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Klippe T is our high quality, clean and affordable keyboard chassis. Borrowing its mounting from the well known Fjell, it has great sound and typing properties. It’s a safe choice when you want a simple design, with great sound and fantastic color options. 

In the box

  • Klippe T Keyboard Chassis with all mounting hardware and pre-installed viewfinder bumpons
  • High-quality packaging

We recommend checking out our bundles, if you want to buy a a full high quality kit. 


Unfinished mean that the product is straight of the mill. No sandblasting, no coating, no anodizing. The Unfinished product will have sharp edges, machining marks and imprefections. Perfect if you want to finish it yourself, or have a Unfinished piece of Klippe T which has all the imperfections that add to a great look. 

If you wish use a third party keyboard in this case, please watch this video

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