Klippe S Mechanical Keyboard
Klippe S Mechanical Keyboard
Klippe S Mechanical Keyboard
Klippe S Mechanical Keyboard
Klippe S Mechanical Keyboard
Klippe S Mechanical Keyboard
Klippe S Mechanical Keyboard
Klippe S Mechanical Keyboard
Klippe S Mechanical Keyboard

Klippe S Mechanical Keyboard

Regular price $310.00

Using the Mekanisk Klippe T as an idea, this keyboard is completely redesigned. Klippe S is a two part design, and is designed to make keyboard building easy, offering a good typing experience at an okay price point.

  • Klippe S mechanical keyboard top and bottom piece, CNCed in aluminium (Standard or Blocked Corners)
  • Carbon fiber isolation layer for the plate mounting
  • Aluminium Plate with either European, or American layout (anodized in grey)
  • WT60-D High quality, VIA compatible, printed circuit board designed by Wilba
  • High quality packaging for storage, initial and future freight (I have made the packaging good so you can reuse it, so please do not throw it away)
  • 4x stainless steel screws for the plate mounting, 6x stainless steel screws for the case mounting, rubber bumpons
  • Badge in stainless steel with logo visible under.

    Optional add-ons (chosen on this page)

    • Brass plate upgrade(+$10)
    • PC plate upgrade (+$10)
    • E-White coating (extra cost) 

      Extra parts (visit this link to add to add to your order)

      • High density precision cut EVA foam infill for the case (+$15)
      • Extra aluminum plate 
      • Extra PC plate 
      • Extra brass plate 
      • Extra top standard $75
      • Extra top blocked corners $75
      • Extra PCB $60
      • Extra CF isolation layer $30

      Isolation layer
      The plate of your choice, is screwed into a carbon fiber piece that is resting on the aluminium base. This eliminates the chance that the metal against metal produce pinging sounds. The Klippe S will still feature a firm typing experience.

      The Klippe S, has support for most soldered 60% PCBs on the market, while also offering the WT60-D from Mekanisk & wilba.tech as an option and included in the base price. This makes the case great for people that don't want to be locked to one single PCB. 

      While this is the PCB that the case is moulded after, there are other PCBs that fit as well, due to the design desicions that make the USB I/O larger for compability for 60% PCBs that slightly differ from the standard. We are not responsible for incompatbility with PCBs not bought from Mekanisk. 

      Clean aesthetics
      Klippe S features a medium thick frame, offering the benefits of a smaller footprint, while maintaining the good acoustics for the installed keyboard switches. The case features small chamfers, and fillets to round the design slightly, drawing inspiration from Fjell and, of course, the Klippe. 

      Other specifications
      Size: 60% keyboard 
      Weight (built): 1567 grams


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