Klippe T R1 +
Klippe T R1 +
Klippe T R1 +

Klippe T R1 +

Regular price $179.00 Sale price $120.00

Renamed from "Klippe +"

Out of production. Last ones available. 


Klippe + Mechanical Keyboard Case

Ability to customize the case by changing out the Core Plate. You will get accents on the keyboard in the color or material you want. All this for the same price as the original Klippe. 


- better fitment by adjusting the screw holes for modern PCBs.

- minor beveled edges to add a slightly more aggressive and unique design signature

- more material on the bottom to make the case even more sturdy and heavier than before


Includes screws and rubber feet. 

Size: made for 60% keyboards

Compability: standard 60% tray mounted

Material: Aluminium

Treatment: Sandblasted & anodize

Shipping from factory.

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