What's Included ( at $300 )

Fjell aluminium case
1.3 kg of aluminium, milled into an aggressive mountainous shape. Stainless steel screw threads to protect the threads from multiple uses and a perfect fitment for standard sixty percent keyboards. Anodized into your color of choice. 

Brass weight with custom serial number 
700 grams of brass, milled into a view finder on the bottom, perfectly sloped to follow the case angle. On top you get a custom serial number, and mountain detail.

Total weight: ~2000 grams

Mirror Polished brass plate
Available in ISO or ANSI, the perfect companion with this keyboard case.

Fjell Brass Mounting Points 
Mounting points for the two middle points. These are made in brass for durability. You can choose to use them for the signature Fjell mounting experience, or they can be removed for a 4-point flexible typing experience, or better compability with some PCBs. There are two inserts included.

Screws and custom moulded rubber bumpons
High quality accessories needed for fastening the keyboard assembly, and making sure the heavy keyboard doesn't slide around on your desk.

Exclusive packaging
Both for freight and storage, this packaging will protect the keyboard againts dents. Custom cut foam, custom designed inner packaging and outer shipping packaging.

R5 will have a 1-2mm lower front height for a more comfortable typing experiece.